Water Softeners

Water Softener

Product Details:
  • Automation Grade: Automatic
  • Softener Tank Type: Vertical
  • Cleaning System: Automatic

Our Water Softener are assembled using resins from ION EXCHANGE or THERMAX and 10 kg rates FRP pressure vessels along with PP multi port manual and automatic valvesand come in resin qunatities from 25 liters to 500 liters with flow rates ranging from 2m3/hour to 15 m3/ hour.
All softeners come with free installation and twelve free services over one year (besides as many services as required for defect rectification , which are provided within one working day of being informed of the same on our 24 hour helpline.) and are guaranteed for one year from date of installation.
The service includes full washing of the softener resin by removing the same and reinstalling the softener and is only offered by us in the entire industry as part of the service package.
We also offer weekly of fortnightly recharge service for select customers.

Water Softener offeredprovides for optimum performance support and provide for optimum water softening and hardness removal support. Further, it comes with water filter using food grade strong acid cation Ion exchange resin so as to ensure safe water supply that is fit for drinking and domestic/household water consumption. Some of its features include comes in automatic operation support, available in different configuration modes like single tank, two-tank and others; provides for high degree of automation, ensures stable working conditions involving supply of treated fresh water among others.


  • High efficiency
  • Easy installation
  • User friendly
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